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ACASC stands for Admission Centre for Advanced Studies in China.

We are the trailblazer in the field of international student’s recruitments. ACASC is China’s largest online admission portal where international students acquire relevant information about universities and colleges in China. We channel all our resources and efforts into assisting international students around the globe to get admission into universities and colleges in China very easily and more conveniently.

ACASC is a competent, efficient and authentic online portal that acts as a bridge between international students around the globe and universities and colleges in China. We assist international students in all aspects relating to admission into universities and colleges in China. We are authorized by a very populous number of universities and colleges in China. Accurate and transparent information and links to universities are found on our website. Numerous universities and colleges find it difficult to recruit their desired number of international students, instead spending lots of money on media broadcasting and on agents. ACASC is the total solution to their problems. We simplify the entire admission process for the universities and colleges by helping them to hit their targets.

Currently, ACASC has established a joint cooperation with over 400 universities and colleges in China and assists these universities and colleges in the recruitment of international students from all around the world. Almost every day, new universities and colleges sign up with us because we’re the most efficient, best, reliable and trusted online admission portals in China

Currently, the ACASC team is made of 29 people from 8 different nationalities, with the headquarters of our operations based in Beijing, China.

Our vision
ACASC (Admission Centre for Advanced Studies in China) We are the trailblazer at connecting international students to advanced studies in noble universities and colleges in China.
Our Mission
Our Mission We strive and thrive to meet every need of our student. Providing efficient and authentic professional admission services is our core aim. We assist our students from the genesis of their admission process till they have successfully enrolled from LEARN MORE
Our Services
Our Services ACASC assists students with professional advice and support with their study plan in China. After students have been admitted, we assist them with the tracking and delivery of their admission notice. LEARN MORE
What we do
What we do We are the clearest, efficient, authentic and transparent online admission portal through which international students coordinate their admission directly with universities and colleges in China. LEARN MORE
Why choose ACASC?
Why choose ACASC? In the year 2006, ACASC in collaboration with six medical universities formed the International College Centre of Hebei North University to recruit international students from all over the world to study MBBS in China. LEARN MORE
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