China's new policy for foreign students’ work

China's new policy for foreign students’ work

For example, in Chinathe latest public launch at the end of 2015 encourages international students to:

First, start your own business (ie as a company owner or partner). International students can start their own business in Shanghai, complete project innovation, and achieve employment on their own; through this intelligent operation, they gradually raise the economy of the country at a very large percentage, China`s government has also enable or favored the most experienced workers in different sectors such as the engineering experts by providing them a long duration visa for up to six years or more than six years stay and work in China. This is to ensure the growth of China and development both financially and economically. Through this same act however, it has enable more experienced workers with high education to come in China and start their own business or manage their own companies at a small scale or large scale operation.

Among them, start-up companies need to set up their own companies and provide “graduation certification” + “fund guarantee” + “innovation plan for entrepreneurship” and proof of relevant cooperation units. Upon examination by the visa officer, 3-6 months of S2 visas are issued as appropriate. If there is a municipal-level industrial park, an incubator or nursery can provide proof of innovation and entrepreneurship. After being approved by a visa officer, it can apply for a residence permit of no more than two years. The time of innovation and entrepreneurship is counted as a two-year work experience.


Second, the company registered in the “Shanghai Free Trade Zone” or “Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park” when they graduated and found a job. The registered companies of Shanghai Free Trade Zone and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park are the best choices for foreign students. Successful applicants with outstanding abilities and professional backgrounds can apply.

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