Life In China

Life In China

China attracts over one hundred thousand foreigners every year, and these foreigners come in china for each one their own reasons. China however has even opportunity to people with talents all over the world to join and upgrade their talents in china. This is not only beneficial to the foreign talented young generation by increasing their depth to the talent they have, but also beneficial to  China as a country because, the foreigners get to share their skills while in china and also during their stay they get to contribute to china`s economy by paying taxes and paying for the services given to them.

Foreigners however come to China as either tourists, to examine beautiful places and experience the culture of the country at large, also learn the history of the country and witness most of the eye catching sites in the country. As student, to increase their depth in talents they have or acquire the most upgraded education from china which will help their future careers, to learn how to operate most advanced technical tools or how to do analysis of the statistics in economic system. As workers, to do trade and expand their business internationally, to form partnership with friends in China and other countries as well.

Life in china has favored all these groups of people, life has been affordable and cheap. Students for example, their system of education provides them with scholarship hence making the education affordable. The schools and universities built hostels for students. The hostels have all the basic needs and supply for a student, they reduce cost of transport because they are built in the school premises, there it is just a walking distance to class, this also leads to time punctuality where a student has no reason to be late in class.

For the workers and tourists in china can get access to apartments, where they can choose to live more than one person in the house and share the cost of living, that way it becomes cheaper and beneficial. Also the stuff in china comes at affordable prices, example there is promotion of products a day in which whole of china`s products drop to almost half the price, foreigners living in china get to experience china`s first hand products at cheaper prices. Transportation in china has easy access and the cost of it is also very affordable, availability of speed trains and other public transport services moving all around the cities with less traffic.

Life in china is generally good because you get to explore the culture, have a chance to make new friends which might be beneficial for your future, having a chance to study chinese language which will help you work internationally.

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